Balti Specialities Meal C £12.95 ( Sunday To Wednesday Evening Only )


Please choose one from each selection


Onion Bhaji
Samosa Lamb, chicken or vegetable
Chot Poti with lamb, chicken, prawn, vegetable or potato Delicious spicy, sweet & sour, with tamarinf & Bengal mied nuts
Prawns or Chicken Puri Spiced prawns or chicken with deep fried levended bread, Sweet & sour, hot
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Marinated barbecue style
Tandoori Chicken 1/4 Piece marinated on the bone barbecue style
Chicken or Lamb Sashlik Grilled onion, pepper & tomato, maruinated barbecue style
Seekh Kebab Marinated minced meat roasted on skewers in the Tandoori oven
Mixed Kebab A selection of different tandoori meats with onion bhaji
Shami Kebab Minced meat patties delicately spiced

Main Course

Balti dishes are cooked with special tomatoes, green peppers & fresh coriander, served with our own special blend of aromatic spices.

Choose from Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka (marinated)

Chicken, Lamb, Prawn or Vegetable (not marinated)

Tikka Bhana House special Chicken, lamb & prawn mixed
Mixed Tikka Bhana Chicken & lamb marinated Mushroom Onion
Madras Pathia Sweet & sour
Vindaloo Dansak Sweet & sour with lentils
Duplaza With onion Passanda Sweet, coconut, almond, lightly spicy
Jalfrezi Green chilli, hot Ceylon Coconut hot
Massala Coconut, sweet & lightly spicy Roughan Josh With tomato

Vegetable Side Dishes

Mushroom Bhaji Cauliflower Bhaji
Bombay Potatoes Bindi Bhaji Fresh Okra
Aloo Zeera Cumin Seeds & Potatoes Brinjal Bhaji Aubergine
Aloo Gobi Potatoes & Cauliflower Mixed Vegetable Bhaji Dry
Sag Bhaji Spinach & Garlic Mixed Vegetable Curry Saucy
Sag Aloo Spinach & Potatoes

Rice Tandoori Bread

 Rice or Nan

Please Note! King Prawn can be used in many dishes for a charge of £3.50 per item. Any rice or nan can be upgraded for an extra 95p

Some dishes can be made hotter if required. Please ask a waiter for your request.

Only Available Between Sundy to Wednesday Evening Only Except Bank Holidays …. THIS MENU IS TO BE USED FOR PARTIES OF UP TO 6 PEOPLE MAXIMUM