All Spirits 25ml £3.95
Jack Daniels (single barrel) 25ml £4.50
Glenfiddich (single malt whiskey) 25ml £4.50
Johnnie Walker (Black Label) 25ml £4.50
All Liqeure 25ml Plus £3.95
Remy Martini 25ml £5.95
Courvoisier 25ml £5.95
Martell Cognac 25ml £3.95
Beers (Draghty) Kingfisher Premium Pint £4.25
Carlsberg/Tetley’s Bitter (Draught) Pint £4.25
Bottle Beers – Kingfisher, Cobra, Tiger, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Becks, Fosters, Heineken £3.50
WKD-Blue/Red, Smirnoff Ice, J20, Bacardi Breezer £3.50
Soft Drinks / Minerals £2.50
Bottle of Water 500ml £2.95
Bottle of Water 1 Liter £5.95


B52 Hold onto your barstools with this one! Kahula, Baileys and Grand Marnier £4.50
Test Tube Experiment with this concoction of Arches, Baileys & Grenadeine £4.50
Flatliner A shock to the system. Potent layered shooters of Sambuca, Tabasco and Tequila £4.50
Rainbow Maybe not pink but sing a rainbow with red & blue Aftershock, Sambuca & Gallino £4.50
Mount Rushmore Four spirits are better than one, Kahula, Midoria, Amearetto & Baileys £4.50
Jamdonut Try without licking ypur lips, Jack Daniel’s, Archers, Bailey’s & Grenadine £4.50